The beauty of New Mexico is enhanced by Red-Tailed Hawks soaring in our skies, Great Horned Owls hooting in our parks, and the amazing variety of raptors found in the state.  The Santa Fe Raptor Center has established relationships with schools, colleges,  and the wider community around northern New Mexico. We strive to provide exposure and education about these amazing animals. Our goal is to cooperatively partner on projects that inspire appreciation​, understanding, and respect for the wildlife around us.

Wolfie, Harris Hawk

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GEORGE, Swainsons' Hawk

Add a fun, and unusual touch to your next party. A number of educational raptors are on hand to join your guest list. Our engaging birds of prey along with their amazing stories for the rescues will add a special and memorable element to any party. For information and to make reservations, please call 505-699-0455

GEORGE, Swainsons' Hawk

B-BOY, Great Horned Owl

WOLFIE, Harrris Hawk

Each year, the Santa Fe Raptor Center provides medical treatment to over 75 raptors and other birds. Our goal is to release our patients back into the wild. However, some are injured so severely they could not survive in the wild, even after rehabilitation. These birds typically join our other Educational Ambassadors, traveling throughout the state, providing excitement and education to children and adults through the many programs we

provide to the public.

All our Educational Ambassadors have names in order to help identify them, but they are wild animals and require special handling. Special permits are required and any individual in possession of one of these birds without a permit may face arrest and fines.

BAT, Turkey Vulture

Our Educational Ambassadors

Every year our family of educational raptors appear in classrooms and public events throughout Northern New Mexico to share their miraculous stories of rescue and rehabilitation. We educate our audience about the perils that face our various native and migratory wild birds. Would you like to schedule a unique educational program with our birds?

Please contact Lori at 505-699-0455.


PO Box 32021, Santa Fe, NM 87594-2021               505-699-0455   

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Educational Outreach​​​​

Hawk & Owl at educational event


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ERIBUS, Great Horned owl
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PO, Burrowing Owl

PO, Burrowing Owl

Plan a Party Around Some Unique Guests

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BAT, Turkey Vulture


Volunteers with photos of Raptors


 Our Educational Bird Programs


​Each year we offer many programs with our birds who cannot be released back into the wild.
Many of our birds are both Foster Parents as well as Educational Ambassadors.